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Sterols & Sterolins With Arabinogalactan

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Format: Vegetable Capsules


Sterols & Sterolins normalize cholesterol levels and HDL/LDL ratios. Many trust them for immune-boosting and immunomodulation properties, and as part of a program for arthritic pain.

Sterols & Sterolins is a blend of plant sterols. beta-Sitosterols, the main sterols found in Sterols & Sterolins, inhibit tumours, reduce cholesterol, treat atherosclerosis and ulcers, and modulate the immune system.

Just what your immune system needs.

Sterols & Sterolins helps both under- and overactive immune systems, because it is an immune modulator, not an immune stimulator. That means it corrects and balances the immune system, no matter which way it needs to be adjusted. North Americans tend to eat too much meat and not enough fruits, vegetables, and seeds—where beta-sitosterols are naturally found.

beta-Sitosterols are natural supplements that have been used for a years to treat benign prostate hyperplasia and high cholesterol. Completely safe, they are nontoxic, possess no known drug interactions, and can even be used by pregnant and nursing women.

Arabinogalactans — In vitro studies have shown that larch-tree arabinogalactans stimulate the function of some immune cells.

Prostate problemsbeta-Sitosterols are well-known to people who use herbs as a major component of the prostate-healing herbs pygeum and nettles. Saw palmetto, the most famous prostate herb of all, contains both beta-sitosterols and their sterolins. Several studies have also proven beta-sitosterols to be helpful, not only for prostate disease, but also for benign prostate hyperplasia, the enlargement of the prostate that affects so many men.

Cholesterol — One of the biggest health problems produced by our modern diet is elevated cholesterol, and one of the best-established uses of plant sterols is in the treatment of cholesterol problems. Recently, sixteen studies involving 590 people with high cholesterol levels have shown that sterols from plants can reduce total cholesterol by an average of 15%, and LDL-cholesterol (the one that does the harm) by 18%. beta-Sitosterols also fight atherosclerosis (atherosclerotic plaque on artery walls). New Roots Herbal’s Sterols & Sterolins can play an important role in heart health programs.

Immunity — Sterols & Sterolins also play an important role in the prevention and treatment of the other major killers of our day. A number of studies have shown it to be an excellent supplement for the immune system. Studies have shown it to boost a number of immune system components, including T cells, interleukin‑2, gamma interferon, and natural killer cells.

Athletes and Exercise — Another group of people who will benefit from supplementing with New Roots Herbal’s Sterols & Sterolins are athletes and exercisers who train intensely. This group of people is well-known to suffer from immune suppression because of the intensity of the exercise. A very interesting double-blind study of healthy marathon runners looked at the ability of beta-sitosterols to counteract the immune suppression of heavy exercise. Amazingly, while several measures of immunity dropped significantly in the placebo group, there was absolutely no drop in the group receiving the sterols and sterolins. As in the AIDS research, the beta-sitosterols showed the ability to raise the important CD3 and CD4 immunity cells, while they dropped in the placebo group. Also, while inflammation and stress went up in the athletes on a placebo, they went down in the marathoners on sterols and sterolins.

Directions of Use

Adults: Take 4 capsules three times daily with food or as directed by your health-care practitioner.


Each vegetable capsule contains:
Free plant sterols (from non‑GMO soy)
Providing 35 mg of beta-sitosterol, 17.5 mg of campesterol, and 17.5 mg of stigmasterol
87.5 mg
ᴅ‑Galacto-ʟ‑arabinan275 mg
Other ingredients: Vegetable magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, and silicon dioxide in a non‑GMO vegetable capsule composed of vegetable carbohydrate gum and purified water.
Available Sizes
Vegetable Capsules
120 capsules
Vegetable Capsules
240 capsules
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