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Don’t Let Pain
Stop You!

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Pain Management
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Aching back Hip discomfort
Sore knees Stiff neck
Tennis elbow Shoulder stiffness
Ankle pain Headache
Muscle tenderness Strains and sprains
Excessive wear-and-tear

We’ve got you covered

  • Potency-validated natural ingredients for acute or chronic pain
  • Topical solutions for targeted relief
  • Nutraceuticals for joint pain and inflammation
  • Bioavailable nutrients for connective-tissue maintenance and repair
  • Comprehensive formulas; find the one for you

Break the vicious
cycle of pain
and inflammation

  • Pain is more than physical
  • Pain is a roadblock for active living
  • Pain can limit your social life
  • Pain can deny you the endorphin rush exercise delivers
Pain Cycle

PAIN · Acute and Chronic

Pain is the body’s alert system letting you know that it is being harmed. It can be due to injury, infection, or chronic connective-tissue degeneration.

White Willow relieves headaches as well as muscular and arthritic pain. It is the original source for the active ingredient of aspirin.

Devil’s Claw and Boswellia help alleviate pain and swelling of the knees and general osteoarthritis related discomfort.

PEA (palmitoylethanolamide), a naturally occurring fatty acid produced by our bodies in response to pain, is clinically proven for chronic pain relief.

White Willow Devils Claw Boswellia Extract PEA Pain Relief

Targeted Topical Relief

Topical analgesics work through direct absorption at the site of soft-tissue damage.

DMSO helps numb the pain related to aches, sprains, and acute bursitis; it penetrates the skin for fast-acting relief.

Body Muscle Massage is a potent pain reliever featuring the soothing effects of arnica, calendula, and more.

Both can be employed after injuries and as a preemptive measure for enhanced mobility.

Liquid DMSO Devils Claw

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Reduce and Clear

Inflammation is the physiological response to injury or infection. The increased blood flow, necessary to provide nutrients and remove waste from the site of injury, results in uncomfortable swelling and reduces mobility, often longer than needed.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and Curcumin (95% curcuminoids) are a proven solution for reducing inflammation.

Serratiopeptidase, a proteolytic enzyme, breaks down injured tissue for transport from injury sites; consider it “waste management.”

Curcumin MSM 850mg MSM Powder Serratiopeptidase

Repair and Maintain

Connective tissue is under constant wear and tear, especially weightbearing joints such as knees and hips.

Pūr Collagen Joint Recovery with hyaluronic acid promotes cartilage production, improving the structural support and elasticity of the joints.

Chondroitin and Glucosamine collectively prevent degradation of the cartilage while stimulating connective-tissue renewal. This promotes healthy bones and cartilage while easing joint pain.

Pur Collagen Joint Recovery Chondroitin Glucosamine

ADVANCED FORMULAS For various conditions


Injured? Ice down to reduce the swelling and let Anti-Inflamma tame the pain and inflammation. It combines bromelain, curcumin, and quercetin, working synergistically to break down waste to help resolve inflammation, as well as boswellia, to decrease pain perception, letting you get back to daily activities.

Infla Heal Plus

Trouble recovering from an injury? Infla-Heal Plus contains eight powerful proteolytic enzymes to help reduce inflammation by removing waste protein and excess fluids in tissue, that contribute to swelling and inflammation. Enteric-coated to protect the delicate enzymes from harsh stomach acid.

Joint Pain Relief

Daily activities causing you discomfort? Joint Pain Relief is formulated with NEM™ (natural eggshell membrane), boswellia, curcumin, and devil’s claw to support joint health, improve mobility, and reduce pain and stiffness, providing relief for weight-bearing joints, especially knees and hips.

Joint-Tissu & MSM

Joint “wear and tear” wearing you down? Joint-Tissu&MSM supports connective-tissue renewal for relief from joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, while rebuilding connective tissue. Formulated with glucosamine to help produce cartilage, as well as MSM and devil’s claw to help manage jointrelated pain.

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