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Citrate · 2 mg
Helps Reduce Risk of Copper Deficiency Associated with Zinc Supplementation
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Key Features and Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of zinc-related copper deficiency
  • Helps with red blood–cell formation
  • Biologically active form ideal for supplementation

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Copper is an essential mineral with multiple roles yet required in relatively small quantities for the maintenance of good health. It is involved in energy and melatonin production and in the development of conjunctive tissue, and it teams up with iron for red blood cell formation. It also plays a role in gene expression and exerts an antioxidant action.

Copper deficiency has become a concern with the popularity of zinc supplementation for immune enhancement. Elevated levels of Zinc increase the production of metallothionein, an intestinal cell-wall protein which prevents copper absorption. Copper supplementation in citrate form tends to be of the most use by the human body.

How Do You Know if You Are Lacking Copper?

Common signs of possible copper deficiency can include anemia, fatigue, osteoporosis, reduced skin pigmentation, and increased risk of infections.

How Do You Check Copper Levels in Your Body?

Simple detection via blood test measures a protein your liver makes called ceruloplasmin, which stores and carries copper.

Now the Important Question Is: Could You Be Deficient?

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