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Purge Parasitis

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UPC: 6-28747-10482-1
NPN: 80105121
Format: Vegetable Capsules

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Evidence-based formula
  • Comprehensive approach that eradicates up to 57 parasitic species, including ringworm, and fungal infections
  • Synergistic effect of 11 botanicals, including black walnut and wormwood
  • Natural ingredients for gentle and effective parasite elimination



Purge Parasitis is a natural way to eliminate parasites. It is formulated with 11 powerful antiparasitic plants effective for a broad range of intestinal parasites. Our extensive spectrum of ingredients includes black walnut, wormwood, garlic, oregano extract, clove, Oregon root, ginger, aloe, quassia, and sage.

Parasites are organisms which produce toxic waste inside our body and compete against our own cells for resources and energy. They consume nutrients and resources at the expense of the host organism—namely, you! They can also disrupt your gut microbiome, which is central to multiple aspects of your health.

Infections can occur while traveling to foreign countries or by eating undercooked meats or contaminated fruits and vegetables, all of which can be a source of parasites. Animals can also be a breeding ground for parasites. People with weakened immune systems or who are on immunosuppressant drugs are at a higher risk of infection.

Some warning signs that you may be infected with parasites can include constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, skin problems, allergies, insomnia, sore joints and muscles, nervousness, granulomas, anemia, teeth grinding, chronic fatigue, and immune-system problems.

Our 11 powerful traditional antiparasitic herbs can rid the body of up to 57 different parasites. For effective removal of dead or dying parasites, it is advisable to incorporate a fibre supplement like Fibre Ultra Rich (Plantago or Psyllium) along with replenishing your microbiome using an enteric-coated probiotic.

New Roots Herbal also provides a comprehensive kit (Purge Parasitis), designed for a thorough 33-day program.

Directions of Use