Probiotics Recovery 120 Billion+ by New Roots Herbal | Ultimate Potency · Dairy-Free · Soy-Free 120 Billion+ Live Active Probiotics Delivered Safely to the Intestines · 20 Strains · GPS™ Enteric Coating · Gastric Protective System · Survives Stomach Acid (30 capsules) | Natural Health Products
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Probiotics Recovery 120 Billion+

Probiotics Recovery 120 Billion+ Code 1965
UPC: 6-28747-11965-8
NPN: 80112754
Format: Vegetable Capsules

Ultimate Potency · Dairy-Free · Soy-Free
120 Billion+ Live Active Probiotics Delivered Safely to the Intestines · 20 Strains · GPS™ Enteric Coating · Gastric Protective System · Survives Stomach Acid
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Key Features and Benefits

  • Our strongest formula, featuring 120 billion CFU from 20 strains, dairy- and soy-free
  • Optimal combination of strains proven to replenish gut flora following antibiotic treatment
  • Features all-natural GPSTM enteric coating, scientifically proven to protect valuable probiotics so they survive stomach acid and arrive alive, ready to work in your intestines
  • Refrigerated during manufacturing, shipping, and storage to ensure full viability of all probiotic strains
  • Every batch is validated in an ISO 17025–accredited laboratory using disintegration testing and CFU quantification



Our high-potency (120 billion CFU) formula populates the entire gut with 20 distinct probiotic species, including 11 human strains. It reestablishes the dominance of beneficial strains that can be decimated by frequent antibiotic use.

The strain selection in Probiotics Recovery reflects probiotic species that deliver maximum benefits to the host organism: you. A probiotic does not have to be of human origin to be beneficial; however, probiotic species of human origin exhibit the capacity to survive intestinal transit. This characteristic allows them to embed within the intestinal walls and exert their benefits at multiple sites within the entire gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics Recovery includes the strength and diversity of more than 70 billion live probiotic cells stemming from 13 human probiotic strains; more than 40 billion live probiotic cells from 2 plant strains; and more than 9 billion live probiotic cells from 5 dairy strains.

Our formula harnesses the benefits of dairy strains while remaining completely free from lactose and milk proteins, delivering a dairy- and soy-free solution.

Probiotics face two significant challenges: temperature and stomach acid, both of which can diminish their effectiveness or even kill them. At New Roots Herbal, we prioritize strains that have been studied and proven beneficial to your health, regardless of their sensitivity to heat or stomach acid. And then, we address these challenges head-on to ensure potency and efficacy, so you get the best possible benefits.


We ensure the viability and potency of our probiotic strains by testing them in an ISO 17025–accredited laboratory to ensure they are healthy to begin with. We maintain freshness and potency by refrigerating our probiotics throughout the entire manufacturing process and supply chain. This ensures that all probiotic strains, including the more robust ones, remain potent and viable.

Gastric acid: Our innovative all-natural GPS™ enteric-coated capsules provide a crucial protective barrier, shielding the probiotics from the deadly environment of stomach acid. GPS™ enteric-coated capsules are laboratory-tested using USP–approved disintegration testing, and are proven to survive gastric acid. This protective measure is essential for maintaining the viability of the probiotics until they reach the intestines, where they get safely released and can effectively exert their therapeutic effects.

At New Roots Herbal, we do everything possible to ensure 100% potency and viability of our probiotics, to guarantee our label claims, until the last day of expiration.

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1965 Vegetable Capsules 30 capsules

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