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Sleep Well

For a healthy night’s rest, our bodies require between seven and eight hours of sleep. Poor or offset sleep increases the risk of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease; not to mention the stress induced during the day, which in turn affects sleep and fuels a vicious circle.

Neon lights, LEDs, blue screens, and other artificial lights are all sleep-disruptive elements. They are disruptive to the genetic program that regulates human sleep; the cycle of hormones is intimately linked to daylight and darkness. The darker your night, the better the action of the hormone melatonin that governs your sleep. In contrast, the brighter your sleep environment is, the more hormonal imbalances will increase the risk of gaining weight, developing diabetes, or needing sleep medication. Take a bold step and remove these screens from your bedroom, restoring it to the sanctuary your body needs. To contribute to a good sleep, it should be dark, without electronic devices, relatively cool, regularly aerated (as well as the bedding), moderately humid (40%), and quiet.

Stress and digestive problems are major causes of insomnia. You can manage stress throughout the day (meditation, relaxing activities, deep breathing, or adaptogen plants such as ashwagandha or rhodiola early in the day). Better care of your diet can also improve your sleep. Taking some digestive enzymes with dinner can make a big difference! It is also well-known that exercise helps sleep and improves intestinal flora, so get those sneakers and get moving!

Melatonin supplementation, safe and without risk of dependence, must be finely dosed according to every person’s needs. It not only restores better sleep but it also offers antioxidant, cholesterol-lowering, sedative, and analgesic effects—and it may even be of benefit for weight management.

The most popular botanicals to improve sleep are passionflower, hops, skullcap, chamomile, catnip, lavender, lemon balm, or Panax notoginseng. Choosing a formula containing a good variety offers improved synergy without risking overdose.

Buenas noches!