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Cranberry Seed Oil From the Rugged Canadian Shield

Our certified organic CranberrySeed Oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the robust perennial species of cranberry, Vaccinium macrocarpon. This hardy plant thrives in the rugged, sandy soil of northeastern North America. Its resilient berries have a 16-month maturation cycle, with seeds boasting an 85% fatty acid profile rich in omega-⁠3, -⁠6, and -⁠9. Cranberries and their seeds share similarities with many therapeutic botanicals. Plants that thrive in harsh conditions develop compounds essential for survival that can in turn prove to be beneficial for your health.

The ideal 1:1 ratio of omega-⁠3 and -⁠6 complemented with omega-⁠9 fatty acids found in CranberrySeed Oil penetrate and protect skin cell membranes. This process strengthens the epidermal lipid barrier to retain moisture, which translates into succulent, younger-looking skin. These polyunsaturated fatty acids also strengthen collagen and elastin fibres, the connective tissues that make skin firm and youthful-looking. When skin stays firm and retains elasticity, it not only looks great, but it’s also more resistant to infection and exposure to harmful environmental elements.

New Roots Herbal’s CranberrySeed Oil is also rich in proanthocyanidins. These powerful antioxidants neutralize the activity of free radicals, the destructive force that drives premature aging of the skin.

New Roots Herbal’s CranberrySeed Oil is unrefined with a subtle, pleasant aroma that’s a perfect fit for skin-care application. It penetrates deep within the skin for great therapeutic results, so you can face the day looking and feeling terrific.