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Four Tips to Improve Your Immunity

Winter is here, windows stay shut, and it becomes hard to protect yourself against those seasonal viruses, or even just to overcome the tiredness that comes from lack of sunlight.

How can you improve your immunity without buying a stockpile of products?

Here are four simple tips to improve your immunity

1-First tip, reduce refined sugars

We know, and this is confirmed by scientific studies, that refined sugars reduce immunity. Diabetics suffer from more infections because their blood sugar level is higher.

Therefore, try to reduce the amount of refined sugar you eat. Sugar from fruit is not the same because it also contains antioxidants and nutrients. But sweets do not!

2-Exercise: move and oxygenate

You don’t need to run a marathon. The more you oxygenate your system, the more your white blood cells (your immune system’s helpers) are active and able to get to where they are needed. They help to neutralize and eliminate the infection before it has a chance to attack. What type of exercise? That’s up to you!

3-Vitamin D

We know it is good for your bones, but that’s not all. 80% of our cells contain vitamin D receptors: bones, brain, immune system, cardiovascular system, etc. If you get enough vitamin D, your white blood cells are not only able to eat up the intruder (virus, bacteria), but also to kill it. For example, back in the day, vitamin D (sunshine) was used to treat tuberculosis. And it worked! The immune system is activated when you have sufficient levels of vitamin D.

4-Vitamin C

Oranges contain some, but leafy greens contain even more. Whether it comes from food or supplements, it has several effects. The first part of your body to soak up vitamin C is…. your white blood cells. Vitamin C supports all your white blood cells, which are then better able to attack the intruder. One detail you ought to know, is that vitamin C as a supplement doesn’t last very long. It only lasts a few hours. Within 30 minutes, you’ve already lost around half, 30 minutes later, you’ve lost half of what’s left, and so on. That means that after 2 1/2 to 3 hours, you have none left. You therefore need to take a delayed release supplement, or take vitamin C several times a day.

You now have a simple toolbox to improve your immunity and give yourself every chance of avoiding the seasonal flu.