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Kidney Kare

Kidney Kare

The kidneys are complex filters, with the task of isolating nitrogenous waste (the byproduct of metabolism within the entire body), toxins, and environmental pollutants from the blood supply. In essence, everything we consume gets broken down and eventually makes it their way. Kidneys process a volume of up to 200 litres of blood flow per day.

They also manage the body’s fluid and electrolyte levels; when we consider the adult body is approximately sixty percent water, it’s a task central to every aspect of human health. The kidneys’ ability to buffer levels of minerals, vitamins, and critical compounds allows us to exceed intake of essential nutrients and excrete what the body doesn’t require. The importance of nurturing the kidneys with renal-friendly nutrients can’t be underestimated. Kidneys are susceptible to recurrent infections, kidney stones, and impairment. In fact, kidney function can decrease in excess of fifty percent without any recognizable symptoms.

Many well-researched nutraceuticals and botanicals can support kidney performance; the trio of ginger root extract, cayenne, and parsley are among them. They invigorate microcirculation essential for access to functional units (nephrons) within the kidneys which drive the filtration process. Birch leaf, goldenrod, juniper, asparagus, marshmallow (Althaea), and parsley amplify the diuretic action of the nephrons, central to renal cleansing. Potent extracts of Uva ursi (featuring arbutin) and cranberry cleanse and protect the entire urinary tract from Escherichia coli, the most common cause of recurrent infection. Additionally, corn-silk extract and buchu leaf cleanse, soothe, and ease inflammation within the kidneys. Also, many foods can benefit kidney function; cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, and blueberries are among them, with arugula and macadamia nuts for the more adventurous.

Kidneys are amazing organs with remarkable recuperative power; imagine the ability of a kidney to almost double function when the other one is lost to injury or disease! We should do our best to quench our kidneys with therapeutic nutrients; it’s an investment in our health that may be long overdue.