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Pure Pancreas

There are approximately 78 organs within the human body; despite its critical importance, the pancreas fails to crack the “Top 10 List” of important organs for many health and medical websites.

The average person may indeed be hard-pressed to describe its functions. The pancreas is a hybrid organ: it manufactures enzymes that digest fats, proteins, and complex carbohydrates; and it’s also the hub of metabolic activity, as it produces the hormones glucagon and insulin. Glucagon converts glycogen stored within the liver to glucose, while insulin allows glucose to be absorbed by cells for their energy needs.

Stress, alcohol consumption, exposure to environmental toxins, and aging are among the many factors that can compromise pancreatic function. The popularity of glandular therapy (the consumption of glands and their extracts) has decreased with advancements in the isolation and synthesis of specific hormones. It is, however, still a popular therapeutic practice in traditional Chinese medicine and contemporary naturopathic practice.

The roots of glandular therapy originate with the belief that consumption of an animal gland will strengthen the corresponding gland in the host (you). The scientific basis for animal glandulars is that they’re a rich source of organ-specific nutrients in their naturally occurring form. In fact, the science of glandular therapy is essentially the backbone for many modern-day synthetic prescription drugs including thyroid, corticosteroid, and estrogen replacement therapies.

Pancreatic insufficiency can lead to incomplete digestion and poor nutrient status, even for those with a well-balanced diet. It can also contribute to a diagnosis of type II diabetes. A premium-quality pancreas extract can deliver nutrients that will make a positive impact for your health.

New Roots Herbal’s PurePancreas is sourced from grass-fed New Zealand lamb. It’s freeze-dried for freshness and potency, and free from pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics.