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The Maintenance of Healthy Bones and Joints

We all know someone over 50 on “the list” for hip- or knee-replacement surgery. In fact, surgery for these critical weight-⁠bearing joints is now commonplace in orthopedic practice.

Whether you’re on “the list” or not, there are natural therapeutic strategies to combat osteoporosis and alleviate joint pain.

The gradual loss of bone strength and density is generally without symptoms, and frequently only diagnosed following a fragility fracture, with wear-and-tear on attachment sites of bones and connective tissue including cartilage (bone-to-bone), tendons (bone-to-bone), and ligaments (muscle-to-bone) recognized as the most common causes of bone (joint) pain.

Bones are dynamic, with bone cells in a constant state of growth and resorption (decay or loss). Supplementation with calcium was once considered adequate for maintaining a healthy bone mass. However, the bioavailability of calcium and the presence of nutrients that enhance its absorption are crucial. Bovine-sourced calcium in the form of microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHA) is recognized as the most bioavailable form of calcium to fuel bone growth, with tricalcium phosphate being an excellent option for vegetarians. The maintenance of adequate levels of vitamin D3 and magnesium is proven to maximize calcium assimilation for healthy bone mass. Many other nutrients have been shown to exert positive effects on bone-density dynamics, with two biologically active forms of vitamin K2 and extracts of green tea and grape seed stimulating osteoblast (bone-building cells) and inhibiting osteoclast (bone-resorption) activity. Curcumin, lutein, zinc, manganese, and vitamins B1 and B12 are among the many other skeletal-friendly nutrients to look for in a comprehensive formula.

A novel nutrient, by the trade name of NEM® (natural eggshell membrane), has also emerged as a critical component for healthy cartilage, connective tissue, and synovial fluid essential for pain free articulation. Extracts of devil’s claw, curcumin, and boswellic acid are a trio of botanicals worthy of consideration for relief of joint pain and inflammation.

Quenching bones and connective tissue with the right nutrients will make your bones stronger and help alleviate joint pain to suit your active lifestyle. Better muscle tone will further strengthen points of articulation, improve posture and balance, and minimize joint pain to elevate your quality of life.

You deserve it!