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Why Losing Weight Should Not Be Your 2023 New Year’s Resolution!

When the calendar flips to January 1, millions of people around the world will spend a few minutes—or maybe even a few hours—writing down their New Year’s resolutions. The most common resolutions often will be around weight, diet, or fitness. Sounds great! But sadly, according to studies done by researchers at the Edith Cowan University, by February, 64% of people will have abandoned their resolutions. Sounds familiar?

Instead of getting stuck in the “best intentions resolution rut,” where you fall back into your usual habits within weeks or even days, give yourself the opportunity to reshape your 2023. Redesign this coming year, with a committed focus on new, improved habits, and embrace a more conscientious, day-by-day approach.

Moving Your Body Is Essential to Longevity and a Healthy Life

Most of us know the benefits, but if we still need help getting motivated to work out, then let’s hear it from the experts. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, regular exercise is an effective way to manage weight, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, and improve mental health. So, for our overall wellness, it’s worth the added effort to commit to our fitness goals in 2023.

But as with many things in life, just because we know something is good for us doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll do it. Most of us need more motivation, so start by getting to the core of your needs: Ask yourselves why? The first step is taking time for honest reflection. As you do so, write it all down. What is it you really want? Why are you choosing to make fitness a priority in 2023? What bad habits are you ready to replace? What good habits can you create? How will you reward yourself in the short term? How much time can you really devote to this? By being realistic, you can take your goal and make it become a part of your life moving forward forever.

Once we’re clear about what’s motivating us to make the change, and what we are willing to do to get there, we can approach our journey with a more open, accepting, and positive mindset.

Not only does positivity help us to build our resolve to stay on track, but it also encourages us to treat ourselves with kindness. If we skip a workout, or even a few, that doesn’t mean our fitness goals have failed. It means we’re human. The important thing is to remember your why and get back to it. Show up for yourself, and as long as you do that, you’re on the right path.

Back to the title of this article: Losing weight should not be your ultimate goal. It can become the result of your healthy habits but should not be your goal in and of itself.

The key is to value health-promoting behaviours which will result in weight loss. It’s not about focusing on the number on the scale. Work with your body instead of against it to promote your fullest and healthiest life possible.

It takes 21 days to form a habit and 6 months for that habit to become second nature.

Bottom line: It’s not a one-time resolution that is added to your list every January 1 and quickly forgotten about. It’s not something that should be thought of as something that can eventually be checked off the to-do list. It needs to become a part of who you are. Make your goals your values. Consider each action a deposit towards your future, healthier self. Here’s to successful, influential, and lasting changes in 2023!

Tips to Help You Realize Your Health and Fitness Goals for 2023—and Beyond

Determine Your Why: What is your main motivating factor for making these change in your habits. Write it down.

Be Realistic: What small daily changes can you incorporate into your life? These should not overwhelm you, but ultimately lead you closer to realizing your goal and get you that much closer to your why.

Plan Ahead: Schedule time for movement throughout your week as you would dinner with friends, an appointment, or a meeting.

Talk About It: Make your goals part of your everyday discussions. Share them with your entourage. Voicing them out loud creates accountability for you, and an opportunity for them to support you.

Track Yourself: Use an app or written habit tracker to physically track your progress.

Stick to It: Make a commitment to yourself for a minimum of 30 days. You will feel the results and start seeing them as well, both physically and mentally.

Find Your Community: Surround yourself with people with the same healthy habits and goals in mind.

Find Something that Makes You Smile: Make sure the activities you choose fuel you. Have fun while moving.

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