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Natural Tips to Reduce the Look of Dark Circles

The infamous rings are really a concern for many people. Clients spend time in cosmetic departments to find a concealer and/or a specific treatment to stop or reduce this feature virtually every day.

I’m telling you right now, by the way: I find you beautiful even with dark circles! However, I understand that this is something you might not like, and this is why I’m giving you today some natural tips to reduce the look of dark circles, since it is rather difficult to make them disappear altogether!


Yes, I know, it’s not just sleep that will do the job to reduce dark circles, but it is imperative to pay attention to its quality. Stress and fatigue can be easily read on a face, and tiredness will generally bring out dark circles… So, sleep!

Get Active

Exercise will not only oxygenate your body, but it will also help properly detoxify it. This will promote better blood circulation in general, and therefore, will also have an effect on your face.


Iron deficiency, for example, can accentuate dark circles—and even create them when the deficiency is more severe! Iron is responsible for proper blood oxygenation; we understand the link? If you are unsure of your condition, consult your health-care professional to find out more. This will allow you to take the necessary supplements to help you with this deficiency. The decision to supplement with iron should be well-informed.

Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Tobacco and alcohol are not very good allies to fight against dark circles; quite the opposite! These habits are harmful to your overall health, especially in this case. They damage your vessels in addition to creating poor blood circulation! Stop or cut back on these, for your own good…

Drain the Eye Contour

What does that mean? Very simply put, when you apply your eye care, do it in gentle circular movements from the inside to the outside of the eye, passing under the brow bone. Go slowly, and try to do it for about 2–3 minutes if you can. Why this movement and this motion in particular? Because both reach the lymph and allow better blood flow afterwards.

Vegetable Oils

Massage the eye contour gently with rosehip oil or sea-buckthorn seed oil (for dry to very dry skin) to not only get a result on the dark circles, but also an antiaging action!

Lemon Juice

An old grandmother’s remedy is to soak a cotton ball or pad in lemon juice and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes several times a week. Lemon has an instant and long-term brightening effect if you do it every day.

Shirley Séguin
Founder and author of the blog, she is an expert in natural cosmetics and a professional makeup artist.