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Lavender as an Anxiolytic
Lavender oil (from Lavandula angustifolia) is an approved substance in Germany for the treatment of anxiety and restlessness.[1] Human and in...
Posted Sep 1, 2016|Health
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Lice Advice Featuring Lavender and Neem
There are few things that terrify parents of school age children more than news of a head lice (Pediculosis capitis) infestation in the classroom....
Posted Nov 9, 2017|Health
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Origins of Essential Oils
Herbs and plants have long been used to help relieve ailments, their causes, and their symptoms. In modern medicine, the story is a little...
Posted Nov 10, 2017|Health
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Winter Recipes for Satiny, Silky Skin
Ah! Winter… What a wonderful time of year! I love this season where nature freezes and lays dormant under a thick white coat of snow....
Posted Jan 9, 2018|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Lavender for Back-to-School Stress
We have barely begun to enjoy a well-deserved summer rest, when we’re already bombarded with insidious reminders from the media and store...
Posted Sep 14, 2018|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Pillow Talk—Nutrients for Sleep Hygiene
It’s a term with many interpretations, the main one being a little light conversation to clear your head prior to becoming the...
Posted Oct 5, 2018|Health
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Aromatherapy—The Power of Nature in Just a Few Drops
While Tupperware parties were once popular gatherings, today aroma sessions, where methods and mixtures of essential oils (EO) are exchanged for...
Posted Dec 17, 2018|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Is There an Alpha among Omegas?
In the realm of natural health products, omegas have emerged as industry leaders, providing numerous benefits for our wellbeing. However, with a...
Posted Jul 31, 2023|Health
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