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For Beautiful Memories

When planning a vacation, we prepare for the many adventures we’ll experience as tourists; however, we also have to consider preparing our intestines for the many microbes that will be paying us a visit.

Fruits and vegetables, whether exotic or those we may eat on a routine basis back home, all have unique bacterial fingerprints that reflect their unique environment and farming practices. With this in mind, even the most careful traveler will encounter novel microorganisms that may cause intestinal distress.

New Roots Herbal’s Travelers’Probiotic is a product worthy of consideration to reduce the risk of contracting traveler’s diarrhea while strengthening immune system performance.

Travelers’Probiotic contains a nonpathogenic probiotic yeast, Saccharomyces boulardii, as well as a mixture of various probiotics that will protect you against the possibility of intestinal disturbances. Thanks to the presence of S. boulardii which will act like a first-line battalion, this wide-spectrum probiotic will clean your intestines, and the lactobacilli and bifidobacteria added to the product will replenish your intestines in order to prolong the balance of your intestinal flora until you return home.

It’s best to begin supplementation with one to two capsules daily of the Travelers’Probiotic for at least five days before your departure in order to prepare your intestine to face the foreign environment’s bacteria in your daily life.

Enjoy your holiday!