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Invest in Yourself with Squalenes

We’ve all splurged on expensive leather footwear, purses, or accessories. Then upon
closing the sale we’re guilted into the investment of a protective spray or wax that
eventually migrates to the back of the closet left unused.

When it comes to investing in youthful, great looking skin there’s no shortage of
skincare products that span from creams and lotions with cutting edge nutraceuticals
to exotic, organic, botanically sourced oils. There is also a critical compound called
squalenes which can contribute to healthy skin.       

Skin is a metabolically active organ with tasks as varied as; protecting the entire body
from the elements including environmental toxins, regulating body temperature,
vitamin synthesis, and of course looking great! It’s equipped with sebaceous glands
that secrete sebum for protection from dehydration, UV radiation, age related wrinkling
and infection. Up to 16% of sebum is composed of squalenes, a compound produced
within the liver. Squalenes are available in supplement form sustainably sourced from
olive oil. Squalene synthesis is among the many tasks of the liver; unfortunately, an
age-related decline of production can occur. Quenching your body with supplemental
squalenes can work wonders for general and epidermal health.

Their potent antioxidant action protects tissues throughout the body from free
radicals. When secreted through the skin, squalenes act as a Skin Surface Lipid
(SSL) to lock down moisture to keep skin looking succulent, healthy and youthful.

When it comes to healthy skin, it truly does begin from within.


 Gordon Raza, BSc

 As the technical writer for Flourish, Gord shares his
 unique perspective on natural health products, nutrition,
 and active living.