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Manage Stress Naturally with Rhodiola

Rhodiola rosea extract is among the recent additions to the New Roots Herbal product line. Despite its being “new,” we’ve identified it as a backbone botanical for over a decade with ChillPills, which is our stress- and anxiety-relief formula.

The systemic benefits for rhodiola span from immune support to libido enhancement. However, its therapeutic application for strengthening cognitive performance and stamina from exposure to stressors is the most recognized and researched of its therapeutic applications.

Among the complex mosaic of constituents within Rrosea that earn its status as a mighty adaptogen, rosavin and salidroside are the compounds recognized for the bulk of its neuroprotective properties. Rhodiola extract featuring this tandem exerts a positive effect on neurotransmitter levels, which in turn benefits healthy central nervous system function. Antioxidant action generated by rhodiola further shields cognitive activity from emotional challenges that contribute to stress- and anxiety-related illness.

The majority of rhodiola extracts contain 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides. New Roots Herbal’s RhodiolaExtract features a validated potency of 5% rosavin and 1.9% salidroside content measured with high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) in our ISO 17025–accredited analytical laboratory.

The management of factors that influence long-term health outcomes, such as lipid and glucose levels in blood, are easily measured with routine diagnostic tests. The effects of stress and anxiety on one’s emotional wellbeing remain the most complex aspect of overall health to quantify. Prescription drugs targeting mental health can take months to deliver results, often with the burden of harmful side effects. RhodiolaExtract could prove to be a low-risk investment with enormous potential for improved mental health and stamina that could prove beneficial for virtually every aspect of your constitution.