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Wild Omega 3 with a Lemon Twist…

We’re all aware of the beneficial role that omega‑3 fatty acid–rich seafood can play in virtually every aspect of our health and wellbeing. Did you ever wonder how lemons became “de rigueur” as a flavour enhancer with seafood?

The answer involves a little science and a long culinary history. Omega‑3 fatty acids in fish can release ammonia-like compounds called amines, which cause that fishy smell and can result in the occasional unpleasant burp. Citric acid binds to and neutralizes these odour-causing compounds. Lemons have been used for centuries to preserve seafood freshness and scent; it also happens to be a great culinary pairing.

Canada’s Food Guide recommends a minimum of two servings of omega-rich fish, such as salmon, per week. Let’s set aside good intentions; when is the last time you had a couple of consecutive weeks with at least two servings of fish?

With the advent of omega-rich fish oil in softgel form, one dose can deliver the EPA and DHA equivalent of a 100 g (4-ounce) portion of salmon.

New Roots Herbal’s high-potency WildOmega 3 EPA 660 mg / DHA 330 mg softgels are now available with the great taste of naturally sourced lemon oil. Why not consider them your daily serving of fish with a lemon twist?