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Intermittent Fasting—Latest Diet Fad or the Holy Grail of Weight Loss and Longevity?
Look around you: Obesity is a global health concern that affects the health, wellbeing, and longevity of individuals, and is considered an epidemic...
Posted Jan 13, 2017|Naturopathic Currents
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Weight Loss: What Are You Overlooking?
Most of us are aware of the deleterious health effects of being overweight, yet many Canadians struggle with achieving and maintaining a healthy...
Posted Mar 7, 2017|Health
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Weight Loss: How to Stay Motivated
With the New Year comes new excitement and a fresh perspective on your health. It encourages you to reflect on your previous goals, and to begin...
Posted Jan 8, 2018|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Difficulty Managing Your Weight? It May Be Your Slow Metabolism
Weight management is a delicate subject which has cultural, gender, and age biases, which are deeply rooted in society. Recently, in our attempt...
Posted Jan 10, 2018|Health
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Losing Weight—Harder Than Before
 Canadian researchers from the universities of York  (Toronto) and Alberta (Edmonton) have shown that  it’s harder to lose...
Posted May 8, 2018|Health
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Difficulty Managing Your Weight? It May be Your Slow Metabolism (Part 2)
Posted Jun 13, 2018|Health
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Why Losing Weight Should Not Be Your 2023 New Year’s Resolution!
When the calendar flips to January 1, millions of people around the world will spend a few minutes—or maybe even a few...
Posted Jan 9, 2023|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Just WEIGHT till You Turn 50! Why Managing Weight Feels Harder as We Age and What Can Be Done about It
Our bodies are constantly changing, and this can be especially noticeable as we age. One of the more common concerns people encounter as they...
Posted Jan 9, 2024|Lifestyle & Wellness
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