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Vitamin E for Great Looking Winter Skin

Vitamin E is actually a family of eight specialized, fat-soluble compounds with a glowing résumé of biological activity critical for excellent health. Although the alpha-tocopherol form is the most active form in humans, the complete synergistic strength of the alpha, beta, delta, and gamma forms of both tocopherols and tocotrienols broadens the therapeutic range of this versatile vitamin. Vitamin E supplementation delivers potent antioxidant action for protection from many age-related degenerative diseases, including anti-tumour activity and interfering with the early stages of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Enhanced immune system performance ranks among its benefits; however; great-looking skin year-round tops the list of benefits you can notice.

Free radicals damage cell membranes via a process called lipid peroxidation, a destructive process where electrons are stolen from the protective lipid layer of cell walls, leaving them unstable and prone to disease. Vitamin E supplementation destroys free radicals cells to protect cells throughout the entire body. When skin cells have a strong lipid layer, they retain moisture. Healthy, succulent skin adapts better to dry interior environments and cold winter conditions that can leave skin dry and even lead to painful, cracked fingertips.

When it comes to health, you can “judge a book by its cover”. Healthy, radiant skin definitely reflects good health; a full spectrum vitamin E supplement can have you looking and feeling great this winter! 


 Gordon Raza, BSc

 As the technical writer for Flourish, Gord shares his
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